F is a group formed by the new leaders of the 12 Founding Families. The known members so far are: Ishiyumi, Tsumuji, Kabuto, Mawari, Kago and Kagiroi - it is known that a seventh member exists and is hinted to be Noriko Shindayuu Inue, but she may simply be a servant of Sōhaku Kago. There is also a possibility of other members that have not even been hinted at yet as we have yet to see a youth from the Hotaru or Wani families and the majority of the 36 branch families remain unknown. F is divided into the white feathers (those who have mastery over martial arts skills), and the red feathers (those who have magic and other supernatural abilities). Although Mitsuomi is the leader of the Takayanagi family, the members of F answer solely to Sōhaku.


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